Big Auto Insurance Rate Drops For Virginia Drivers : With everyone driving less these days, almost all auto insurance companies have dropped their rates.

But some companies have dropped rates more than others. So if you have not compared auto insurance rates in the past month, you could be leaving hundreds of dollars on the table.

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Monica is 37, and is now working from home, so she’s driving less. She entered her zip code at the free, and was shocked to see other companies dropped their rates MUCH lower than hers did. She felt cheated.

A few clicks later, she was paying less with a new company, and her old company mailed her a check for her unused premium (it’s the law).

"I managed to reduce my insurance premium by 50%! I wish I did this sooner." said Monica

Free comparison websites like keep track of major insurance companies’ rate drops, and show you how much you can save. It’s easy, and takes two minutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Insurance companies must let customers cancel, and will refund the unused premium. Even if you’ve already paid for the year, you can very easily switch and be quickly refunded.

The New Rule: Compare Rate Drops for FREE

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Step 2: Fill out a little basic information and review updated rates from top companies.

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