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Medicare recipients like Marge can get a very generous grocery allowance. Are you eligible?

The Medicare Food Allowance has been a massive hit with Medicare recipients.

Here are the details: The new Medicare Food Allowance was put in place to help seniors eat healthier. And millions of Medicare recipients are taking advantage of it, many receiving well over $100/mo.

Across the country, healthcare costs are increasing, so this comes as a welcome surprise.

The trouble is not many Virginia residents know about it yet.

It’s easy and free to check your eligibility. has all the details and will let you know within minutes if you qualify. Again, this is 100% free, with no obligation.

It is important to check how much you can get, as you’ve earned these benefits.. You could also be eligible for much more than you thought.

In fact, most Medicare recipients are shocked to learn how much is available to them.

How Do I Check If I Am Eligible?

Follow These 2 Easy Steps To See If You Are Eligible

Step 1: Select your state below.

Step 2: Answer a few basic questions to see how much you are eligible for in a few minutes.

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